Peace of mind to relax and know your kids are safe.

As parents, we all have the same worries. Have our kids got home from school safely? Where they are now? Are they driving safely? Are they hanging out in bad neighborhoods?

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Simple and easy

Kids are always with their phones


Your kids always forget to call or text?

No worries, with TeenTracker you can see where they are.

Pair with your kids’ phones to know their current and past locations. Set them a speed limit and get immediately notified if they drive faster.


Make sure that your children are safe.

Draw boundaries on the map and assign them to your children. You will be notified whenever they leave or enter those areas.

No more worries if they came home from school, or wondering if they are in a bad neighbourhood.


It’s not spying - this is smart parenting.

Your kids have their own profiles on TeenTracker. They can keep track of the rules you agreed upon.

Now you have one less thing to stress about.

We created Teen Tracker because we as parents needed it.

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